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Here is where the finishing touch of beauty is made. We provide a wide range of modern and classic beautician treatments including permanent and semi-permanent make-up for your lips, brows, eyeliners and skin treatments for the whole face.

Meet the team

Our next team member and our beautician expert Monica Jacome is a true expert in the field of cosmetics, medical and cosmetic permanent makeup, eyebrow styling, makeup and skin improvement. She has been active in the world of the beauty industry for 25 years and continuously attends reputable academies in the Netherlands and international masterclasses. 'My mission is to show you how radiant you are and how beautiful you are. Due to subtle changes and the right styling, I let you look groomed in a natural way.'


Let's find a make-up in style with your skin color, skin type and of course your preference. Here are some of our treatments:

Do you also want to look radiant and well-groomed at any time and under all circumstances without that? does it cost you time? Then semi-permanent make-up (PMU) is the perfect solution. That's how you always are assured of a neat appearance. Whether you're just getting out of bed, exercising or next to it swimming pool is sunbathing. Your make-up stays neatly in place and does not run. Also ideal as you are allergic to normal make-up, find it difficult to apply make-up or are disease related to hair loss. How PMU works With a PMU device with a sterile needle I apply color pigments in the top layer of your skin. This is not a permanent tattoo, but semi permanent. Because your skin renewal continues and the colors fade over time, I recommend a touch up every year treatment. Semi permanent make-up is the ideal way to enhance your brows, eyeliner or lips to have always worked neatly and to look radiant.

Do you want to wake up every day with the perfect eyebrows? Brows let your face speak and are an extremely important part of your face. How nice is it if you don't have to draw your eyebrows every day? And that these are not thin or irregular, but have the perfect shape? So you always look confident and radiant. You can contact me for Ombré or powder brows and Phibrows microblading..

Monica Jacome MJ Phibrows microblading Are you looking for the perfect subtle eyebrows? Then Ombré Powder Brows is the right technique for you. Ombré Powder Brows are the latest trend in semi-permanent make-up for eyebrows. Using a PMU device with a needle, I place pixels layer by layer into your skin until the correct intensity is reached. This creates a realistic, soft powder effect. Ombré Powder Brows are with the lighter at the beginning and darker towards the end. This corresponds to the natural course of the eyebrows. The pigment will lose 30-40% of the color after a month That's why you come six to eight weeks after the first treatment back to me for the follow-up treatment. I correct any imperfections and adjust the volume of your eyebrows if desired. Benefits: Ombré Powder Brows is suitable for every skin type Very natural powder effect no scars Painless treatment Symmetrical eyebrows

Are you looking for custom natural eyebrows? Phibrows microblading is the hair technique that provides full eyebrows with a natural look. With this technique I manually pigment wafer-thin hairs in your with a special pen with a needle eyebrows. I adjust the color to your eyebrows. Because I follow the growth of your eyebrows, a natural look is created. I listen to your wishes and thus provide beautiful natural eyebrows to measure. A follow-up treatment follows six to eight weeks after the first Phibrows microblading treatment. I correct any imperfections and adjust the volume of your eyebrows if desired. Sometimes a third treatment is necessary, because the pigment is not well attached to the skin due to non-compliance with the aftercare, an oily skin type or a rapid cell division of the body. As an official Phibrow artist, your eyebrows are in very good hands with me. Phibrows microblading is also very suitable for people with alopecia areata. Do you give your face a striking look with the perfect brows?

Permanent make-up eyeliner Do you also want to let your eyes speak and always look naturally well-groomed? With semi-permanent make-up eyeliner you always have a radiant look. How nice is it if you no longer have to make the daily effort to set the perfect line with your eyeliner? Even if you are allergic or sensitive to make-up, have no eyelashes due to a condition or want to be assured of an eyeliner that does not run, PMU eyeliner is the perfect solution. The eyeliner gives optical depth to your eyes, creating a fresh and open look. You can contact me for different types of eyeliners such as the infralash and the classic eyeliner PMU eyeliner infralash Do you not wear a lot of make-up, but do you want a well-groomed natural look? At the PMU infralash I apply eyeliner with a PMU device with small movements of pigment in the lash line of your eyes. This way, in a subtle way, much more expression and a powerful look are created. PMU classic eyeliner Do you want to make eyes shine extra and create a make-up look? The PMU classic eyliner is a more noticeable full line on your eyelid. I apply the technique to your upper eyelid. This gives your eyes a lifting effect and you have an open look. Do you let your eyes speak extra with PMU eyeliner.

Permanent makeup lips. Do you also want to wake up with beautifully groomed lips? With semi-permanent make-up lips you are always assured of kissing lips. PMU lips is ideal if you like to give a nice shape to asymmetrical lips, if you want to make narrow lips look slightly fuller or if you want to give pale lips a fresh color. PMU lips is suitable for all lip shapes and provides natural lips with beautiful soft contours. This is how permanent lip makeup works With a PMU device I apply pigment to your lips. This creates lips that look well-groomed at any time of the day. Naturally, I take into account your wishes and the shape and color that suit your face. I draw the lips and when we have chosen the right color, the treatment starts. Are you going to have groomed lips forever with PMU lips.

Do you have scars or imperfections on your face that you would like to camouflage? This is not always possible with normal make-up and camouflage is a time-consuming job anyway. Medical pigmentation may offer the solution. It doesn't matter whether the scars are caused by surgery, an accident, burns or acne. Medical pigmentation provides camouflage and softens the scars. So you look radiant and satisfied in the mirror again and that's what it's all about. How medical pigmentation works Using a needle, I apply pigment to your skin. This way I camouflage the scars, they are less visible and they look like real skin. The scars do not disappear, but are less noticeable due to the right color pigmentation. Do you want to make your skin glow again with medical pigmentation?

Your eyebrows are an extremely important part of your face. They give expression and let your eyes speak. Eyebrows communicate emotions and give you character. Did you know that the shape, thickness and color of your brows determine how you come across? Reason enough to take care of eyebrows in the right shape. This gives you more self-confidence and you look satisfied in the mirror. Isn't that what you want? Monica Jacome Brows (MJ) treatment Every face is unique, which is why I don't just look at the shape or thickness of your brows. To determine which shape and thickness suit you, I listen to your wishes and measure your face accurately. Eyebrow styling is much more than tweezing and tinting. In this way I determine the right shape and custom eyebrows are created that perfectly match the position of your eyes and your face shape. After an MJ Brows treatment you will go home radiant and with beautiful eyebrows. MJ Brows treatment Which eyebrow shape suits you now? I determine the optimal shape with the help of an MJ Brows measurement. This is based on the special measuring method of brow expert Branko Babic. He's a true beauty innovator and founder of the famous PhiAcademy. This unique way of measuring ensures that your eyebrows are symmetrical and fit your face perfectly. During the measurement I go through different phases. In this way, step by step, I eventually arrive at the perfect shape of your eyebrows. At MJ Brows I take all the time for you. Your eyebrows are in very good hands with me. To make you shine even more, I spoil you with a mini make-up with all MJ Brows treatments!

The modern man is increasingly concerned with his appearance. Do you also want well-groomed eyebrows with a powerful, tough look? You can contact me for a treatment specially developed for men. The male eyebrow hairs are usually harder and longer than those of women. I remove excess hair and create strong eyebrows that match your face.

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