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3D Face consultation

Online virtueel consultatie VOOR INTERNATIONALE KLANTEN

Prototype and get to know your options

It is difficult to make important decisions without fully understanding your options. We offer 30 minute on-line virtual consultation with 3D morphing for 150 Euro. Our experts will demonstrate your surgical options for rhinoplasty/nose reconstruction or facial surgery using state-of-the-art 3D morphing technology. We are also able to deliver a evaluation for a non-surgical or surgical facial anti-aging plan. In some cases a 3d morping is not needed or can not be done and that will be evaluated case by case. You will be e-mailed final morphed images for you to keep after the consultation has ended.

Snap a selfie

Whether you are looking at a specific fix or want to look at opportunities on altering unvanted signs of agening. A 3D face consulttion is a great way to get started and have a personal evaluation done together by our two different face experts: a non-surgical aesthetics doctor and a surgical facial aesthetic doctor. Welcome to book and try out this exquisite service.

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